Providing Software Solutions to Business and Industry

Project Tethys Limited was originally based in the historic Cotswold market town of Chipping Sodbury but in 2018 moved to Cornwall. We have clients all over the UK and beyond and modern communications allows us to provide much of our expertise remotely, even during our 5-year sailing sojourn which you can read about here. We have over 30 years of freelance experience providing specialist IT consultancy to a wide variety of businesses.

We have experience in many sectors of business and industry including fossil & hydro power generation & desalination, TETRA telecommunications, air traffic management, shipping, offshore oil production, finance and retail.

Within each of these sectors, we are able to provide full software lifecycle consultancy, from analysis, design and programming through to testing, rollout and customer support.

We have expertise in many programming languages including VB6, VB.NET, C/C++/Visual C++/C#, SQL, XML, HTML, PHP, CSS, Bootstrap, Javascipt, jQuery and AJAX on both Windows and Unix/Linux platforms. Our early days were spent programming in Pascal and FORTRAN with punched cards and paper tape readers and using machines such as DEC VAX and PDP-11s!

We are able to undertake small, one-off pieces of software development, larger complete projects or components of large-scale applications.

As well as software development, we also provide website design, development, content writing and hosting under the trading name of Ionian Webworks.

In summary, we have many years experience using a broad range of technologies in a wide variety of businesses and this, together with the fact that we have kept to our core business, enables us to provide rapid, dynamic and flexible IT solutions across many sectors of industry. We believe that remaining small is in fact an advantage and not a disadvantage, as we can react quickly to, and utilise, the ever changing technologies as they emerge.